About Us

Lottomag.com is a website dedicated to lottery games I launched in late 2017. As to my background, I have been engaged in this business since my childhood.

At the website you will find all needed information about popular lottery games. Along with detailed guides, we present here rules of all games, various smart tools to make your life easier and help you on the way toward a jackpot of your dreams. Individual categories offer loads of interesting articles written by lottery winners as well as proven tips to boost your chances to win. Our ambition is to create one of the biggest websites about lotteries in the UK.

Minimum About Myself – Web Founder

First of all, let me tell you a few words about myself. My name is Oliver Green and, as you must have noticed, I am a passionate fan of lotteries. When  I was a small kid I used to watch lotteries with my dad hoping that one day we would win a jackpot of our dreams. I even drew up a plan showing all we could do with the money if we won. The first item on the list was a joint trip to the Grand Canyon and driving a Mustang on the “main street of America” Road 66. Unfortunately, we never hit the jackpot. All that we achieved was a couple of matched numbers, good enough to buy tickets for the next draw. I have never given up. Today, as a mature man I earn money on my own and, as our family tradition calls, continue betting.

Reason For Launching a Website About Lotteries

As I said, over the many years I have been involved in playing lotteries I have learned a lot. But to keep all the data in my head is nonsense. I often found myself repeatedly searching for the same piece of information. My ambition was to create an easy-to-read page with all basic information about lottery games on which I would find all needed information quickly.

Later on , I started to look for various tips and advice to boost my chances to win. Obviously, I have tested scores of various methods and even more software tools offering all possible calculation systems and most of that cost me some money. In the end, I realised that all my effort was useless and that the only goal of such pages was to suck money from lottery fans.

As expected, nothing of it worked.

lottomag.com logo

With all my experience,  I decided to develop a larger project not just a website of a couple of info pages.  I decided to develop the biggest lottery magazine in Great Britain, in which all visitors would find my honest descriptions of the world of lotteries. Texts published in this magazine will disclose proven tips and advice, here you will find a lot of inspiring articles. And, because the number of companies offering playing lotteries online has grown exponentially, I have also added reviews of companies with which you can play without fear.

I should also mention that it’s not only me who is building the website. I have two good friends who, based on their experience, help me by testing together various online lottery operators and advising me about the content of our future reviews.

What Are the Goals of The Website For the Future

  • Provide the best and truthful information about lotteries.
  • Striving to boost your chances to win, all content is proven.
  • I’d like to become no.1 on your list on binary options (to achieve this, we will do our utmost). What we need is feedback from you to help us develop and improve the quality of our information
  • I want to provide you with the best tools available in the market to make your life easier and, ideally to help you win.
  • In a nutshell, I want you or me to win a jackpot of our dreams. I want to give you all this absolutely for free!

I am content with the information at the website. With all articles presented, I always try to add reliable resources to make sure that all information is truthful. This is one of the reasons for spreading my business beyond the borders of my homeland so that people from all around the world can get a free and top-quality information. The first country we have chosen is Brazil, a promised country of lotteries.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me. I wish that you visit our website repeatedly. I will appreciate any of your feedback. It is only your opinion and your rating that will lift the website to the top level.

One day, together, we will win the jackpot!

I wish you best of luck,
Oliver Green

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