The top 15 European lottery jackpot records in History

If you thought all jackpot draw winners were created equal, then think again. European sweepstake participants and ticket-holders tend to be luckier than the Americans who buy coupons for the multistate lottery franchisees, Powerball and Mega Millions. All takings and winnings in lotteries across Europe, including the top purse or jackpot, are exempt from any sort of taxation i.e. you do not have to pay any tax for what or whatever you win.

The biggest European lottery jackpots - european flag(right) and lottery balls(left)

For example the biggest lottery in Europe called EuroMillions, like the Powerball or Mega Millions super lotto (that is open to 44 states in the US) is a multinational or transnational lottery that is open to players from 13 European countries including Isle of Man, Andorra, Monaco, and Lichtenstein. The EuroMillions was launched in France on 7th February 2004 and the debut draw was organized on 13th February of that year. Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot winners have to forego a sizable proportion (more than 50%) of their takings in the form of taxes.

EuroMillions winners have been more fortunate on this account (by default) as they have been able to take home nearly their entire winnings. EuroMillions, since it’s launching has witnessed several landslides wins where each and every jackpot winner has collected at least a £20 million (or US$28.54 million or €22.99 million) purse.

15 biggest Europian winners of the lottery

There is a summary table of 15 biggest Europian lottery winners below. In the following paragraphs below the table, the accounts of top 15 Europian lotteries jackpot have been mentioned in a nutshell.

Summary table of 15 biggest winners

112th July 20121United KingdomEuromillions£161.1 millionClick here
210th August 20121United KingdomEuromillions£148.7 millionClick here
330th October 201070 (syndicate)ItalySuperEnalotto€117.7 millionClick here
415th May 20151Czech RepublicEurojackpot€90 millionClick here
59th Jan 20162United KingdomUK Lotto£66.1 millionClick here
617th December 20163SwitzerlandSwiss LottoCHF 70.1 millionClick here
7December 20173GermanyLotto 6aus49€45.4 millionClick here
87th October 20061GermanyLotto 6aus49€37.7 millionClick here
9March 27th 20101SwedishSwedish LottoSEK 237.67 millionClick here
10August 23rd 20161SwitzerlandSwiss LottoCHF 48.6 millionClick here
116th April 20161United KingdomNational Lotto£35.1 millionClick here
1210th May 20131NetherlandsStaatsLoterji€38.1 millionClick here
13May 20062FranceFrance Loto€30 millionClick here
146th June 20111FranceFrance Loto€24 millionClick here
1527th March 20101SwedishSwedish LottoSEK 215 millionClick here

1. Colin and Chris Weir from North Ayrshire in Scotland win the largest ever single-ticket EuroMillions jackpot of £161.1 million

Chris and Colin Weir - Uk euromillions winners with checkChris and Colin Weir happily married to each other for three decades became happiest on the night of 12th July, 2012. It was on that fateful Tuesday night that Colin, 55, a psychiatric nurse, and Chris, 64, a TV cameraman won an earth-shattering £ 161,653,000 EuroMillions top prize. The win ensured them a place in the ‘Sunday Times Rich List’ putting them above Sir Tom Jones and Ringo Starr, the legendary Beatle.

They spent a tiny proportion of the amount (which works out to a huge sum anyway) on purchasing a fleet of sleek autos for themselves and their close friends as well as a mansion. With the win, the couple became the largest EuroMillions jackpot winner in pound sterling.

2. Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Suffolk pocket a cool lone ticket £148.7 million EuroMillions top prize

Adrian Bayford and his wife - Uk euromillions winners kissing with check

Adrian and Gillian Bayford with check

After Gillian and Adrian Bayford from Haverhill, Suffolk scooped up £148, 656,700 EuroMillions jackpot purse on 10th August, 2012 they declared that they’d instantly reimburse relatives and friends who had loaned them money during their tough times. At the same time, they promised to themselves that they would splurge on cars and exotic getaways. Adrian tried to disburse a sense of humor when he jokingly reminded Gillian that he had almost forgotten to buy coupons for the draw. The same amount was won again, once on 24th October 2014 by a single ticket-holder from Portugal and then on 6th October 2017 by a player from Spain.

3. SuperEnalotto top purse of €117.7 million won by a syndicate of 70 ticket holders

Superena lotto syndicate logoFor the first time in the history of SuperEnalotto lottery franchise a massive and unprecedented top prize amount of €177.7 was won in 2010 on October 30th by syndicate of 70 ticket holders based in Milan. The ticket was purchased from a tobacconist, Via Dante Alighieri and the purse was equally distributed amongst the 70 members of the syndicate. Every member went home with a purse of more than €2.5 million each.

4. A lucky ticket holder from Czech Republic scoops the biggest Eurojackpot purse of €90 million

Eurojackpot logoThe EuroJackpot draw organized in 2015 on 15th May threw up a lucky winner whose ticket matched all the numbers picked up in the drawing and the EuroJackpot number. The jackpot amount of €90 million or £65.5 million was the largest ever top purse to be won in the history of EuroJackpot franchise. The earlier record for the biggest jackpot was held by a ticket holder from Finland who won the purse in 2014. The lucky winner from Czech Republic went home richer by 2,465,512,458.30 crowns or Koruna – that is a cool 2 billion in Czech legal tender!

5. A gargantuan £66.1 million National Lotto jackpot was pocketed by two ticket-holders

UK Lotto logo

Illustration of UK Lotto logo

Two ticket holders in UK laid claims to a gigantic £66.1 million National Lotto grand purse for the draw held on 9th Jan 2016 (Saturday). Each ticket holder went back home richer by £33,035,323. Camelot, the franchise holder (of National Lotto) confirmed that one of the two lucky winners had turned up at the lottery offices to claim his/her share of the purse. The numbers on both the tickets bought by the joint winners had completely corresponded with the ones picked up in the draw-26, 27, 46, 47,  52, 58 and the bonus 48.

6. A three-ticket holder won the largest ever Swiss Lotto jackpot – CHF 70.1 million

Swiss lotto logoPerhaps no other nationwide lotto franchise makes more millionaires than the Swiss Lotto. Since the first Swiss Lotto draw was held in 1970 on 10th January, a total of 725 lucky ticket holders have won the top prize. Proceeds from the sale of tickets have been used for funding over 12,000 ventures. It was on 17th December 2016 that the jackpot amount rolled over to an unprecedented high of CHF 70.1 million on 17th December 2016.

This was the largest ever Swiss Lotto top purse that was carved up by three fortunate winners, each receiving a purse of CHF 23.36 million.

7. Three ticket holders win the biggest ever Lotto 6aus49 jackpot of €45.4 million

Lotto 6aus49 logoThe German Lotto derives its name from the 6/49 sweepstake game. The player who correctly matches all the six numbers that are picked up during the draw along with the Super Number (known as Superzahl or SZ) is declared the winner of the jackpot. Till date, the largest German lotto purse was jointly won by three ticket holders who shared a prize of €45.4 million. The draw was held in December 2017. Draws are organized twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

8. The highest jackpot in German Lotto 6aus49 of €37.7 million was won by a single ticket-holder

The biggest amount that has been won in the history of German Lotto 6aus49 is €37.7 million. This gargantuan amount has been won by a player holding a single ticket who bought the same for the draw organized in 2006 on 7th October. However, the largest amount in German Lotto history is set at €45.4 million that was pocketed by three winners on December 2007 (Story above this). The biggest syndicate to be scooped up was €17.7 million that was won in 2009 on March. Winners of German lotto have tended to be very secretive about their wins and have resisted the urge to hold press conferences or give interviews to media houses.

9. The biggest Swedish lotto jackpot of SEK 237.67 million was won a ticket holder from Norrkoping

Swedish lotto logoYou stand to win the Swedish lotto top purse when your ticket matches all the seven main numbers and at least numbers on the Joker pool. The biggest sweepstakes win yet to be registered in the history of Swedish lotto is SEK 237.7 million that was won by a ticket holder from Norrkoping. The draw for the lottery was held on April 20th 2013. The 2nd biggest purse was pocketed in 2010 on March 27th by a coupon holder from Helsingborg who received SEK 214, 595, 981.

10. A single-ticket holder scooped up the largest ever Swiss Lotto jackpot of CHF 48.6 million

The largest jackpot won in Switzerland was on a single ticket: Lucky winner get CHF 48.6 million which was claimed by a player on August 23rd 2016. The winner wanted to stay anonymous.

11. Camelot confirms the winning of the largest ever National Lotto jackpot of £35.1 million by a single ticket holder

National Lotto franchise operator Camelot on Wednesday (6th April 2016) announced that a single ticket holder staked a claim for £35.1 million. A spokesman for National Lottery confirmed that the jackpot was the biggest ever in the history of UK lotto. The spokesperson added that the winner appeared at the lottery office to receive the massive purse.

The winner whose ticket matched the draw numbers-15, 17, 31, 41, 50, 57, and the bonus 5 collected an amount of £ 35,133,888.

12. Utrecht resident wins the biggest StaatsLoterji top purse of €38.1 million in May 2013

Staatsloterij logoA ticket holder from Utrecht staked a claim for the largest StaatsLoterji jackpot of €38.1 million on 10th May 2013. This top purse amount was €8 million more than the jackpot of €30 million won by a Groningen resident in 2012.

13. Two ticket holders evenly split the biggest Francaise des jeux Loto jackpot of €30 million

France lotoFrance Lotto which organized its first ever draw in 1936 is extensively popular with the French people. Nearly 98% of the population was aware of the rules and regulations of the sweepstakes and roughly 36% participated in the raffles. The largest top purse yet to be paid out in the SuperLotto is €30 million which was claimed by a ticket holder for the draw held in May 2006.

14. Single ticket holder from Val d’Isère picks up the biggest jackpot prize of €24 million

Till date €24 million is the largest France Loto top prize to be won by a single ticket holder from the French resort town of Val d’Isère. The ticket holder who had bought the ticket for the draw held on 6th June 2011 preferred to remain anonymous.

15. A player from Helsingborg wins the largest Svenska Spel lotto jackpot of SEK 215 million on a single ticket

A ticket holder from the Helsingborg region of Sweden became the largest winner of the Svenska Spel lotto on 27th March 2010. The numbers on the ticket completely matched the numerals picked out in the draw making him eligible to claim SEK 215 million.



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