History of Thunderball in Details

The Thunderball history can be traced back to the year 1999 when the debut draw was organized on 12th June which happened to be a Saturday. From 2002 onwards, an extra draw began to be held every Wednesday, besides the Saturday sweepstake. Starting from 1999 till 2002, numbers ranging from 1 to 34 were picked up randomly for matching or corresponding with the Thunderball number.

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However, you did not win any purse for simply matching the Thunderball number; you won £5 for matching a number apart from the Thunderball number, £10 for matching two extra numbers, and so on. Your takings kept on increasing gradually as more numbers on your ticket corresponded with the numbers pulled out in the Thunderball draw. Before the introduction of the Wednesday draw in 2002 in Thunderball lottery history, the top purse or jackpot for matching the Thunderball number and 5 core numbers was £125,000.

In November 2009, Smartplay Halogen II Lotto draw machines were pressed into service for the Thunderball sweepstake. Several changes were introduced in the Lotto Thunderball in May of 2010. Starting from 12th May, five additional main number balls were added to the existing 34. The jackpot amount was doubled to £500,000 from £250,000. Finally, one more layer was added to the purse tiers so that more players could claim a prize for just matching the Thunderball number.

On 14th May 2010, Friday, another Thunderball draw was added. Since then, three draws for Thunderball have been arranged every week and continue to be. So, you’ve a chance to try your luck and take a shot at the top prize by just investing £1.

Last change has been introduced on 25 January 2018, newly draws are held four times a week (Tuesday, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.).

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Example of old Thunderball lottery logo

Changes Made To Thunderball over the years

After the 1st draw held on 12th June 1999, Thunderball has seen numerous changes over the years. These can be summarized as below:

  1. In addition to the usual Saturday draw, a Wednesday draw was added in the year 2002
  2. It was in November 2009 when the new Smartplay Halogen II draw machines were introduced
  3. The year 2010 saw several changes which include increased number of balls from 34 to 39, the jackpot was doubled from £250,000 to £500,000 and introduction of a new prize to match the Thunderball.
  4. Another major addition in the same year was introduction of the Friday draw.
  5. On 25 January 2018, a new Tueasday draw was introduced.

This year in the month of January, we will see the introduction of a Tuesday weekly draw too.

How Thunderball works today?

For the Thunderball jackpot sweepstake, you are required to choose five core numbers from a number pool ranging from 1 to 39. You also have to select 1 Thunderball number from 1-14. In order to participate in the draw, you’ll have to buy a ticket costing £1.

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Example of nowadays logo

In order to collect the £500,000 jackpot check, the numbers on your ticket must match up with all the five chief numbers picked up by the Smartplay Halogen II draw machine. Additionally, you’ll have to match the Thunderball number. You stand to claim at least £3 for just matching Thunderball numeral. Talking about your odds of winning, you’ve a 1 in 14 chance of claiming £3 for matching Thunderball which increases geometrically for higher purses peaking at 8,060,598 for the top purse of £5, 00,000.

You must have attained the age of 16 to be eligible for purchasing a ticket or a scratch card for participating in Thunderball, Lotto, and EuroMillions.

Detailed information about the way Thunderball draw takes place can be accessed from here. The page illustrates everything about the famous lottery and guides people with information related to Thunderball.


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