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In this category you will find articles containing advice on how to play lotteries. The articles offer a variety of useful tips and guidance to increase your chances to win. In some of the articles you can read about how to behave in case of becoming a lucky winner of a jackpot of your dreams as well as plenty of other useful information.

How to Win a Lottery

To be honest, I must disappoint you. There is no guaranteed guide or method to tell you this. On the other hand, there are loads of tips that may bring you nearer to your goal, a jackpot of your dreams. There are also long lists of recurring mistakes players make, a kind of barrier to win a lottery.

Syndicate Betting – Increase Your Chance to Win

Playing syndicate will raise your chances to win. Team up with your friends, workmates, schoolmates, family members or people over the internet. Buy loads of lottery lines together, play and – if you win – distribute the prize based on your shares.

Knowing each other in the team, it will be easy for you to appoint a manager to be responsible for the whole team. To avoid any potential disputes it is wise to sign a syndicate agreement before you start playing. Then you should collect money from each member, buy lottery lines and – if luck is on your side – distribute the prize money based on each member’s shares.

Lottery syndicate baloonsIf you play online you don’t have to care about who should be the members of your team, how to sign the syndicate agreement or, in the case of win, how to distribute the winnings. All will be done for you by the online lottery provider, which is one of numerous advantages of playing lotteries online. All what you do is select your share in the game and you are in!

All practical information, a guide to smoothly set up a team and various news and innovations are available in the Syndicate betting section.

System Betting

System betting is one of other possibilities to raise your chances to win. This option allows you to pick more numbers than when playing standard lotteries. The system will then automatically generate all possible combinations from your selected numbers. The more lines, the better your chances to win. On the other hand, more lines means higher costs.

Use Statistics

magnifying glass and statistic columnsBefore you immerse into studying statistics, you should be aware of what a professor of mathematics at University of Sussex said in one of the interviews: „Lottery is like tossing a coin with five times in a row landing head”. Translated into our language, the likelihood of obtaining tail in the next toss is the same as before; the odds are always 50 to 50.“

What lessons should one learn from these statistics? The figures say that if you see that some numbers have not been drawn for three previous months this does not indicate that they will be in the next draw. Or, that a number that has been drawn in all draws in the recent, let’s say, two months will be drawn in the next one.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you should ignore statistics. Do explore various statistical methods, try to determine specific formulas to help you win, but don’t forget that it may not come immediately in the next draw.

Avoid Frequent Mistakes

Many players experiment with various tactical approaches that are useless or even detrimental. We are aware of the vast majority of such methods and we also know why they don’t work. What we can do for you is at least advise you how to modify your method to raise your chances to succeed.

Calculating Winnings

Stefan Mandel

He covered all the possible combination and won $27 million jackpot

The history of lotteries knows a few cases in which people were capable of calculating the winnings. What happened was that the players calculated the number of possible combinations with a given set of numbers. First, they counted the overall number of lines. Next, they multiplied the result by the cost of a line to achieve the total costs.  Then they waited until the jackpot exceeded the total costs and betted on all possible combinations.

Nowadays, this can’t happen. The lottery companies have changed the rules (the system and costs of one ticket) to discourage all speculators willing to apply this method. Even if a jackpot soars extremely high I can hardly image how and where a speculating player would get the lottery tickets with all possible combinations.

What Shall I Do if I Win

What shall I do with all the money if I hit, let’s say, a Euromillions jackpot? All people who play lotteries have asked this question many times . A funny thing is that people who don’t play do the same. But have you ever thought of what would follow immediately after realising that you have become a winner? Just imagine the feeling when checking your ticket you find out that, all of a sudden, you are a millionaire. There is a huge winners guide, with tips from lottery lawyer.

To win a lottery is a great happy event, which might be followed by bad luck. Hundreds of stories about unhappy millionaires have been written and, believe me, more will be in the future. To avoid making yourself a future inspiration for such a story, please, obey our advice.

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