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 Angela and Dave Dawes - UK euromillions winners celebrating

There are Angela and Dave Dawes, they are UK Euromillions winners

No matter what people say I‘m sure that we all must have at least once wished to win, let’s say,  Euromillions to live the rest of your lives as Jordan Belfort, an anti-hero from the world-famous movie „Wolf of Wall Street“.

Some of us have already experienced this dream come true; regardless of the name of the game. Lotteries have changes lives of many players, helped people pay their debts or enriched their lives. Some of us have seen our dream come true feeling the touch of luck or, after winning a jackpot, live a fairy tale life today.

Each year, lotteries all around the world spawn thousands of new millionaires. Not every ending is a happy one. Sometimes the life of the winner turns into a nightmare.  This category offers a lot of such stories. Obviously, you can also see lots of happy endings or stories inspiring the winner to engage in charity.

Some of the stories about the journey for the jackpot or a later investment are funny or even incredible. The fates of each of the winners significantly differ leaving the reader in disbelieve or inspiring to new actions. Sometimes these lead to learning lessons to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

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