Euromillions Superdraw: Ultimate guide (Updated for 2018)

When will the next Superdraw be held 2018?

The third Superdraw for the approaching year 2018 is scheduled to be organized on ? (waiting for date).

Last Euromillions Superdraw result (20th April 2018)



What is the Euromillions Superdraw?

Without exaggerating a bit, it can be said straightaway that the Euromillions Superdraw is the mother of all raffles and lotteries held throughout Europe. The Superdraw lotto is the most significant event on the European sweepstakes almanac that almost every Euromillions ticket holder looks forwards to with great expectations. Though it is very difficult to precisely pinpoint the date of the Superdraw event, the draw is organized at least once in a year.

Euromillions superdraw

Euromillions Superdraw was held thrice two times, once in 2013 and then in 2015. Usually, this special draw is organized around an important date or event, for instance Euromillions anniversaries when significant rule changes were introduced. Winning the Superdraw raffles is tantamount to winning multiple rollovers of the routine Euromillions jackpot draw.

As the Superdraw winner, you are guaranteed to take home an assured €100 million in prize money.  The rules and regulations for participating in the draw are identical to that of the normal Euromillions sweepstakes. The money for the Superdraw purse comes from the regular Euromillions lotteries’ Reserve Fund.

After each Euromillions draw event, 8.6% of the proceeds from sale of tickets is contributed to a Common Prize Fund. Contributions continue to be made till the pooled amount becomes large enough to qualify for a Super drawing.

How frequently has Superdraw been organized?

Euromillions SuperdrawThere is no preset or fixed date for holding the Euromillions Super Draw but generally a draw date is announced officially at least one month in advance. Since the Superdraw prize money is colossal, it takes some time for the jackpot to reach its capping limit. Therefore, organizers take their time in announcing a tentative date for the draw.

Till date, a total of 22 Super Euromillions draw have been held with the last being organized on 15th of September 2017. There never has been a fixed or predetermined date for organizing the Superdraw lottery right from the beginning. Over the years, the draws have been held on different dates spread over the months.

The Superdraw took place twice in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2014, thrice in 2013 and 2015, and only once in 2012 and 2016.

Differentiating the Superdraw from normal draw

An event draw or normal draw is very much similar to a Superdraw where the jackpot is capped at €100 million. However, there are some noticeable differences between the two types of sweepstakes. An event draw usually commemorates a special event like Christmas or Good Friday where more players have the possibility of winning a generous purse.

However, in the event of nobody winning the jackpot in a normal Euromillions draw the same rolls over to the subsequent levels and keeps on rolling till the pooled amount is not exhausted. On the other hand, Superdraws are arranged only once or twice yearly where the top prize taking is massive.  

Tracing the history of Superdraw

Neil Trotter with partner - Winner of Euromllions super draw

Neil Trotter with partner – Winner of Euromllions super draw

The Euromillions Superdraw succeeded the normal Euromillions sweepstake which was organized for the first time in 2004 on 7th February. The debut Superdraw took place in 2007 on 9th February in which players from only nine countries participated. The jackpot amount for the first Superdraw was €100 million that was won by a Belgian ticket holder.

Another Superdraw was held in the same year on 28th September where the top prize was €130 million. The Euromillions special draw rolled down six times for the first time to touch the jackpot ceiling of €190 million on 3rd October 2014. A single ticket holder from Portugal pocketed the purse on 24th October.

The biggest Superdraw winner

The upper limit of the Superdraw jackpot capped at €190 million has been attained only two times in the entire history of the event. The top prize was claimed for the first time on 24th October 2014 by a Portuguese player and once again in 2017 on 6th October when it was won by a Spanish ticket holder.

The sweepstake for Euromillions Superdraw top prize amounting to a whopping €190 million (£170.8 million) was held on 6th October 2017 (Friday). The lucky winner of the top prize was from Spain whose winning ticket numbers matched up with the 5 core numbers plus the two Lucky Stars picked up in the draw. A single ticket holder from UK claimed the last Superdraw top purse of €100 million (£87.5 million) the draw for which was organized in 30th June 2017. The striking feature of the June Super lottery event was that the top prize was pocketed in the first drawing doing away with the need for rollover draws.

Table of History superdraw

DateJackpot won in drawFinal JackpotCountry of biggest winner
24th April 2018.........
20rd February 2018No£114,000,000United Kingdom
15th September 2017No€190,000,000Spain
30th June 2017Yes£87,570,000United Kingdom
30th September 2016No£153,361,048Belgium
6th November 2015No€163,553,041Portugal
5th June 2015No£93,388,943United Kingdom
6th March 2015Yes€100,000,000Portugal
3rd October 2014No€190,000,000Portugal
6th June 2014No€137,000,000Spain
7th March 2014No£107,000,000United Kingdom
15th November 2013Yes€100,000,000Spain
7th June 2013No€187,000,000Belgium, Ireland
22nd March 2013No€132,000,000France
28th September 2012Yes€100,000,000Spain
4th October 2011No£101,000,000United Kingdom
10th May 2011No€121,000,000Spain
1st October 2010No€113,000,000United Kingdom
5th February 2010No£112,000,000Spain, UK
18th September 2009Yes€100,000,000France
6th March 2009Yes€100,000,000Austria, France
9th February 2007Yes€100,000,000Belgium

Superdraw FAQs

Q: Do any special rules and regulations apply for Euromillions Superdraws?

A: The rules governing the Superdraws are same as those of the normal Euromillions sweepstakes. However, the jackpot purse is much larger than the regular Euromillions draws.

Q: Does the Superdraw top prize keep rolling over if no winner emerges?

A: If no clear winner emerges in the regular rounds of the Euromillions lottery, then the jackpot keeps burgeoning till it attains the cap of €190 millions. If a player matches all the five main numbers plus the two Lucky Star numbers pulled out of the draw, then he or she gets to receive the grand purse. In case, nobody wins the Superdraw top prize, the purse rolls over to four successive draws. If nobody wins the jackpot even after the 4 draws, then the same is apportioned out to the winners in the subsequent prize tier.


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